Guest Post

To Guest Post:

Here’s what the application process looks like

  1. Email me with the subject GUEST BLOG →
  2. Send me a pitch of the post you want to share on my blog (including title, images, GIFS, and/or anything else you wish to include.)
  3. Let me know which social media platform you do most of your marketing on.
  4. I will send a confirmation email.
  5. After confirmation email is sent, your post will be live within 2 days.
  6. After post is live, please share and market the post on said media platforms.

Extra information:

  1. I will give all credit to you and your blog.
  2. I will direct my readers to your social media platforms (if you include your handle in your email.)
  3. I will not change your content, because I want you to express your own unique style.