My Inspiration

DWR: Dreaming With Reality

Derek Winn Russell, DWR for short.  After he became the best guardian angel in the game, his sister came up with the “Dreaming With Reality’ concept.  You’ll see me quoting that a lot, so it’s important to explain this amazing life hack.  If you carry this phrase around with you, you’re going places, guys.

So, what does it mean to Dream With Reality?

It means to be the dreamer in a crowd consumed in the limitations of society.  Everyone feels so confined by the walls of reality, that they don’t escape their comfort zones.  They don’t dream, they just accept “reality” instead of redefining it.  So don’t fall into that trap.  Dream with reality.  Transform your dreams into your definition of reality.  Don’t accept society’s standards, make your own.  Aspire for more.  Dream about everything you want in life and find a way to make it your reality.  It’s already in your heart and mind, why live life any other way?

Stay Golden: that’s Mercedes, DWR’s beautiful sister, and my dear friend.  That saying is all her.  That’s my girl, right there. Fearless, beautiful, creative, and strong.  She is a Girl of the Golden Wave forever and a day, through and through.

In a world of people stuck in society’s definition of reality, redefine yours.