My Odyssey Articles

I write articles every week for Odyssey Online.  I love it so much, I worked my ass off and became Editor-in-Chief.  Not in a bragging sense (that has never been my thing) but just to say that hey, find what you love, work your ass off for it, and go for what you want.  You can have your dreams, you can do what you’re passionate about.  That’s what this thing called life is all about. I’m on a mission to change the idea that we “have” to stick to society’s terms of what’s successful and what’s not.  Let me tell you, you will never have success without happiness.  Happiness is success in itself, because you’ve found your place, your people, your laughter, and what sets your soul on fire.  Define success on your own terms.

This is my passion, this is my “success,” and the start of my dream coming true.  It’s a huge part of who I am.  So now you can see the whole journey: my articles and the girl behind them.

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