10 Running Essentials

1.  Nike Run Club App

This is my favorite running app.  It’s free, shows you your distance, time, and calories burned.  It also lets you play music within the app through Spotify, or you can just run your choice of music and the app will still work.  It has a trainer on it that announces when you’ve met a goal or completed a mile, so you don’t have to keep looking at it.  The app now has the “guided run” option with a trainer and music, which I can’t wait to try. It also lets you record your results so you can look back on your progress. I absolutely love it! You can find this right in the App Store, just search “Nike Run Club.”

2.  Armband

I got my arm band for $4 at Target. I love it because it holds my phone and has a place for my keys.  Do you every run into that issue when you run outside?! You’re walking away from your car, securing your hair and getting your music ready, then you notice your keys in your hand and you’re like, what the hell am I going to do with these?! I was there.  Get the armband.

3.  A fire playlist

They have tons of running stations on Spotify and Pandora so you don’t have to worry about picking your songs!

My current running playlist: (*Warning* I am a huge rap ran)

  • Curve- Gucci Mane and The Weeknd
  • No Problem- Chance The Rapper** my all time favorite song to run to.
  • Milly Rock Remix- A$AP Ferg
  • Watch the Throne album- Jay-z and Kanye West
  • Digits- Young Thug
  • Friends- Justin Bieber (plot twist, right?)
  • Chris Brown Pandora station
  • Work Remix- A$AP Ferg
  • Beast of Burden- The Rolling Stones (another plot twist)
  • Friends With Benefits- Tory Lanez
  • Butterfly Effect- Travis Scott
  • Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Pandora
  • Right Above It- Drake and Lil Wayne (Woah, throwback)
  • 7/11 Beyonce
  • 2000s hip hop Pandora
  • Wrist- Chris Brown
  • Humble- Kendrick Lamar
  • Say It- Tory Lanez
  • Whatever You Need- Meek Mill
  • Good Life- Kanye West
  • Hype- Drake
  • Deja Vu- J. Cole
  • A$AP Ferg’s new album on Spotify
  • Feedback- Kanye West
  • Lifestyle- Young Thug
  • Say It- Tove Lo and Flume
  • Undefeated- A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie
  • Congratulations- Post Malone
  • The Hills- The Weeknd
  • Take Me Down- Machine Gun Kelly
  • Sacrifices-Drake

4. Running sneakers

Finding the best running sneaker for YOU is super important. I really like ASICS and saucony, but my all time favorite has to be my Nike frees that I have now. They are so light, supportive, and comfortable. Saucony wasn’t supportive enough for me. And the ASICS were a little heavy, but I love Nike Free. I know that they say Nikes are bad for you joints, but not this line. I’m obsessed.

5. Running apparel

Sports bras:

  • Target I LOVE their sports bras. They are seriously so comfortable.
  • TJ Maxx has so many brand names like Nike, Puma, Calvin Klein, Champion, Under Armor, etc. and they are super affordable!
  • Victoria’s Secret Bras are PHENOMENAL and beautiful, but obviously expensive. So treat yourself, or add to your Christmas list!


  • Gym Shark Has THE BEST leggings!! But they are not cheap. So worth the buy though! The best out there in my opinion.
  • Old Navy Has great active wear and it is one of the most affordable. I love their leggings! They are secure and are super flattering, not to mention really comfortable.
  • Nike Has unreal leggings. They’re sleek,  comfortable, I mean they’re classic Nike brand reputation. You can find deals at TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, and outlets. Also, Dick’s Sporting Goods normally has a good clearance.


  • Nike
  • Old Navy
  • Livestrong
  • Adidas

All linked above!!

6. A good trail or neighborhood

Make sure you have the best route! That means:

  • It’s safe
  • You know the area
  • There are varying inclines
  • There’s not heavy traffic (goes back to safety)
  • There are views, because who doesn’t love beautiful scenery?!

7. Get a running buddy

Sometimes, we all need that extra push. Running buddies are great for motivation and it makes it more fun.

8. Running gloves

YAS. Do yourself a favor and get yourself some gloves! It gets colder in the fall, and your hands will be icy and pink, and it will be overwhelming. Trust me. Mine are ASICS from Foot Locker and were only $11.99

9. Running socks

Super important, believe it or not. Trust me, you do not want blisters. I prefer Old Navy’s active wear socks (linked above) or Nike mid calf dry fit. And look, JC Penney is having a sale right now!

10. A healthy snack in your car

I always bring a post run snack for my body to metabolize it. Whether it’s a granola bar, power bar, a banana, or an apple… I always have a little something for an added boost.

Happy running, and Stay Golden!



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One thought on “10 Running Essentials

  1. Great list!!! I’m obsessed with Gymshark clothing… SO cute and such good quality. Unfortunately my sizes are never in stock AND shipping is quite expensive – especially since I’m Canadian.
    I’ll have to check out that Nike App, too!

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